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For Those Who ~Love~ The Cling
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Clingons United!

This is the premiere livejournal community is for people who, in relationships or otherwise, outright love clinginess ~ whether the cling is given, received, or mutually shared. People also welcome to this community are those who are obsessive in relationships ^_^ From what I've seen, those who are clingy, are quite often obsessive too, so yay for that.

Feel free to share lovy~dovy experiences you've had (let's keep this PG13 though), your longings while your other half is in a far off land (like at work ^_^) or anything related to clinginess.

General rules, just bcuz ~
- No ill speak of other members
- Don't advertise communities unless you intend to use perfect grammar and spelling (i'm not saying that you can't advertise though <.<)
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