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Being a clingon has almost destroyed my life

Glad to have spotted this group where there is a more positive attitude about being a clingon.

For me being a clingon (and all the charateristics and behaviors that come with it) was learned during childhood and I am trying to recover from this addiction.

Charateristics of my clingon-ness:

- I am attracted to (and stay in) relationships that are really unhealthy for me, no matter what.

- I value others' opinions over my own.

- My judgement is a bit screwed up and I always doubt it.

- I have trouble putting up healthy boundaries.

- When I get dumped, it is devastating. My world goes upside down and it takes months and even years to recover.

Well, there's a lot more but I thought I'd introduce myself a bit. I was reading the posts and I like the humour in this group. I think it's a good way for me to face some of my behaviors, in a positive way and possibly motivate me to identify and change "some" of those behaviors. My first goal in recovery is to learn to love myself, and being a clingon is part of me. I just don't want to hurt others or myself as a result of it, that's all.

I think this group might be a good idea for me....

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