kaumi (kaumi) wrote in clingon,

New person ness.

Well, i was just browsing cuddle interest and found this community. I must say, that i've been in only one relationship where my gf was just obsessivly clingly. All my friends used to be like, "dude your girl doesn't give you any space." The thing about it though, was that i loved it like that. Sure, it can be argued that she wasn't really in "love" with me, and that she was more in love with being wanted, but i didn't care about all that. I wanted her to be around me all the time. To want to know where i was and what i was doing even when she really already knew the answer. For some reason, i like overly obsessive/clingly women. I guess it just makes me feel more wanted. Something i was neglected growing up. Well..i just wanted to say hi.
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